F&I Solutions, Inc.


Patrick K. Donahue Patrick K. Donahue
President & CEO at Agents Management Group LLCFrank has been an enduring professional in the industry. He remains active in trends analysis, events, and challenges faced by all. Throughout, Frank continues to provide viable, proven solutions of value to all industry members. He and his team are true assets. Patrick DonahueOctober 11, 2012, Patrick K. was with another company when working with Frank at F&I Solutions, Inc.
Tom Murray Tom Murray
President & Chief Operating Officer at Jigsaw Systems, LLCI’ve known Frank for many years and would highly recommend his professional and diligent approach to his client’s needs.October 11, 2012, Tom was Frank’s client
John Vecchioni John VecchioniF&I Solutions has provided my dealers with professional solutions. When Dealers are in transition and need immediate help F&i Solutions is the only company I call on. They provide compliant producers that steady the ship.

October 11, 2012, John was Frank’s client

Steve Kubel Steve Kubel
Regional VP Sales at Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc.I have recommended Frank’s company several times to dealer clients over the years for temporary F&I services. F&I Solutions has always provided experienced, professional and highly skilled personnel for our client dealerships in their time of need….sometimes for weeks at a time.As you know, when an F&I Manager leaves a store, even for a short time, it generally results in a HUGE profit leak. Not only that but simply delivering cars becomes problematic.Frank and his team simply takeover the department and everything runs seamlessly! And product sales/PVR production levels INCREASE!! This allows new (higher) Performance Standard expectations to be established when the permanent F&I Manager is put in place.

If you need temporary help in your F&I department….for any reason (training, vacation, sickness, personnel turnover, etc.)…call Frank for immediate results!!!!!!!

November 1, 2012, Steve was Frank’s client

Jimmy Bauserman Jimmy Bauserman
Regional Sales, Independent Allstate Agent, Profit improvement SpecialistFrank has always strived to achieve the best solution for dealers when an expected or unexpected situation arises in the Finance Department & the store needs someone really good RIGHT NOW that can produce & is a professional. He excels at providing the right person with the experience required in today’s compliant environment.
Tony Blanchard Tony Blanchard
Managing Partner, Titan Dealer ServicesFrank and his company have always delivered consistent high results for us. Franks integrity and character have made him a pleasure for us to partnership with in clients.October 12, 2012, Tony was Frank’s client
David McGlashan
Finance Director at Hunter Subaru HyundaiI have been a manager in the automobile business for over 25 years. I have known Frank Martin both as an F&I professional and as the owner of F&I Solutions for most of that time. Frank has always been a peak performer in the F&I office and his integrity is beyond question. We have used F&I Solutions numerous times over the years with excellent results. Good…moreOctober 16, 2012, David was Frank’s client
Al Antinarelli Al Antinarelli
VP-Sales VAD Systems at RMR CommunicationsOur dealer group has enjoyed a long lasting relationship that involves an area that is unique due to the fact that Frank and his F&I professionals can come into the dealership setting and fill a valuable position from the first day until there assingment is complete.There are not many organizations that can provide this type of service at virtually a moments notice….moreOctober 14, 2012, Al was Frank’s client
Carl J. Traub Carl J. Traub
PresidentFranks Company provides excellent temp fill when you need coverage.