Our partnership with IAC allows us to provide training and recruitment services.

IAC can systematically train new employees in its processes, culture and approach to customer service. “When you hire professional automotive experts with experience and proven track records, it is not difficult to enter a work environment and begin the process”, says Rick Gladwell. “It is second nature for me.”

Training, continued educational training, reinvention, is the key to success, profits, employee retention and customer retention.

F&I Training

  1. Red Flag training
  2. Compliance
  3. The latest tools and technologies to increase a positive customer experience
  4. Increasing CSI

Sales Training

  1. Road To The Sale
  2. Dealership cultural, ethics and core values
  3. Compliance
  4. Manufacturer training and requirements
  5. Certification Testing
  6. Vehicle Feature and Benefits
  7. Competitive Mystery Shopping
  8. Marketing and Advertising Analysis and Training

Lease Training

  1. Why leasing?
  2. Easy Customer Lease presentation
  3. How customers benefit from leasing
  4. Who is the ‘lease customer’?
  5. Advertising leases and how to handle customers who respond to your call to action

Customer Service Training

  1. How to identify, develop and implement best practices
  2. How to satisfy your customers every time
  3. Understanding the ‘Voice of The Customer’
  4. How to handle difficult customers
  5. Deal with the stress of maintaining your CSI Scores
  6. What can your staff do to ensure proper procedures?
  7. Processes on how to consistently resolve customer issues