Frank Martin, CEO

In 1988, Frank Martin began his career in Finance & Insurance in the automotive industry. Frank immediately demonstrated the ability to sell finance and insurance products, increase profits and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. After an extremely successful in-store career from 1989 to 2001, Frank decided to take his wealth of knowledge to other dealers by offering a non-product based temporary resource for providing a fill-in finance pool of F&I specialist.

Since F&I Solutions began, it has proven to be very successful and utilized by agencies and dealers nationwide.

The ‘Finance Pool’ is a temporary resource for agencies and dealerships. “We are utilized when for whatever reason a dealership(s) are short staffed in the finance department”, says Frank. “Our team of F&I Specialists is known nationally as dependable and knowledgeable F&I Professionals who keep your revenue flowing.”

Frank is a member of the Association of Finance Professionals (AFIP), has appeared in F&I Management & Technology magazine, Automotive News, and other related publications. He is well respected among his peers and throughout the automotive industry.

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